What is Eden Health?

As a direct-to-employer medical provider, we offer a new, collaborative approach to employee health. Our mobile app allows easy access to primary care, mental healthcare, and insurance navigation. We integrate with any insurance plan and your current insurance broker.



All the care employees need, all in one place.

Care that’s always accessible

It all starts with our easy-to-use mobile app. Employees get fast responses to medical inquiries (within 7 minutes), booking of same-day appointments at our nearby medical offices, and hassle-free virtual visits.

Integrated 360 care

Healthcare delivered by unconnected, siloed providers can result in gaps in care. That’s why Eden created the Integrated 360 care model, which provides each employee with their own team of medical and mental health providers, physical therapists, and insurance experts. Our dedicated, interdisciplinary Care Teams work together to understand each patient and help them achieve their health goals.

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Every employee’s Care Team covers the following disciplines:

Primary Care

Carefully screened and licensed clinicians provide the central point of contact for each patient. Available in-person or virtually.

Healthcare Navigation

Each employee is assigned a trained navigator as their advocate for all things insurance-related.

Mental Health

As part of Eden’s Integrated 360 care, primary care doctors work alongside psychiatrists and licensed therapists.

Specialist Referrals

Clinicians and navigators provide a white-glove handoff to nearby in-network specialists as needed.

Physical Therapy

Onsite physical therapists assist patients with preventative therapy, strengthening, and rehabilitation.

COVID-19 Support

Eden’s active daily monitoring provides a safer workplace. Employees can talk to a clinician instantly for testing and further treatment.

All the care you and your team need. All in one place.

Responsive care
that’s easy to access

Clinicians are always available to keep
employees healthy, happy, and productive.

COVID-19 Services

Screening, testing, vaccinations, and insightful care
Quick Answers

Virtual Primary Care

Employees can reach providers anytime via our app

Mental Healthcare

In-person and virtual visits when employees need to talk

Insurance Navigation

Quick answers to benefits and insurance questions

Workplace Pop-ups

Primary care brought conveniently to your office

Medical Offices

In-person Care Team visits at any of our medical offices

We keep companies healthy, too.

Eden improves the health and wellbeing of your employee populations while alleviating burdens from People Teams and benefitting your bottom line.

  • Save hours and cycles by having health insurance questions handled by our team
  • Improve your population’s health through consultations with our Medical Directors
  • Reduce absenteeism and travel time to medical appointments
  • Lower insurance claims costs and care costs overall
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Your workforce is unique.
Your health benefits should be, too.

Every employee population has different needs, so we customize our offerings to fit your company. We work with your existing software and insurance to coordinate a seamless onboarding experience for your people. Let us show how we can make Eden work for you.