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From Main Street to Wall Street, companies have been using Eden Health to care for their teams. They now turn to Eden to provide back-to-work solutions, supported by fully integrated care for their employees.

Our Care Teams provide extraordinary care through integration of COVID-19 screening and testing, 24/7 primary care both virtually and in person in our offices, mental health, benefits navigation and more. Best of all, they are unified in our single, easy-to-use app.

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Demonstrated cost savings

Eden Health generates positive ROI with claims savings of approximately $800 per engaged member, while improving overall care for employees.

Our 360 integrated care model also reduces administrative load. COVID-19 puts an increasing strain on HR teams, which already shoulder a multiplicity of employee healthcare issues. Eden eases the burden. Employees can use the Eden app to ask medical and health benefits questions anytime, on any day of the year.

Improving care and alleviating workload, all while reducing overall cost: it’s why we're the choice for leading employers.

claims savings per engaged member per year
time savings per employee per year
increase in employee retention

All the care you and your team need in one place

Virtual Primary Care

Chat with your Care Team anytime via our mobile app.

Insurance Navigation

Get answers to benefits and insurance questions.

Workplace Pop-ups

Get answers to benefits and insurance questions.

Medical Offices

Visit your Care Team at any of our medical offices.


Experience has been terrific

“I’ve now had several interactions with Eden Health, both digitally & in-person, and every experience has been terrific.”


Extremely pleased

“I have been using Eden Health for a few months & am extremely pleased. It has never been easier to contact my doctor.”


Complete game changer

“…having access to Eden Health on top of my normal health insurance has been a complete game changer.”


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Help us define the future of healthcare in a time of unprecedented change.


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