Make Healthcare 
More Accessible With Nation-Wide Clinics.

Eden Health is the trusted market leader in pop-up clinics, serving thousands of patients each month. 
Our Care Team assembles temporary clinics right in your workplace, so employees can prioritize their health without missing a day of work.

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Care that comes
to you.

By converting meeting rooms into private medical clinics, we can book 5-30 minute consultations to address acute, preventative, and chronic care needs — anything from vaccinations to assistance with medications.

Our pop-up clinics bring the Eden Health collaborative care model right to your office, enabling your employees to stay healthy and productive.

  • Customization

    We work directly with you to understand your employee population’s health needs and build out a tailored on-site program — whether it’s one-day, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Execution

    We take care of everything, from scheduling the appointments, communicating with patients, and setting up the clinic, to breaking down the event and providing success metrics afterwards.
  • Continuous Care

    Pop-ups allow employees to form patient-provider relationships that continue long after the event. Your employees can access a dedicated Care Team 24/7 through the app to address their follow-up questions, insurance needs, and mental health.

Pop-up Clinic Types

Primary Care

During 30-minute appointments, employees can discuss any medical concerns they may have, similar to a doctor’s visit. Our pop-up core service includes:

  • Acute & Urgent Care
  • Preventative Care
  • Chronic Care
  • Health Coaching
  • Prescription Management


Keep your people healthy with convenient onsite vaccination appointments — no waiting in line at pharmacies. We can book as many as 90 visits per event per provider.


Need to test your workforce? Our COVID-19 pop-up offers PCR, Rapid, and Antibody testing during 5-15 minute appointments. If you have symptomatic patients, we can set up a drive-through testing site for safety.


These 15-minute appointments will help employees establish a baseline to determine risk for chronic health issues. By addressing these problems early, employees can prevent further medical episodes and potentially save on time and bills. We provide patients with:

  • Height, weight, waist measurements
  • Body mass indexing
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Blood draws for testing cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides

Mental Health

Decrease stigma with a topic-based workshop on a relevant mental health theme. Followed by 30-minute consults with a licensed therapist, employees can easily receive support in a private space. These consults can enable:

  • Screening and early identification of need for therapy
  • Improving access to care by explaining the value and process of therapy
  • Addressing situational challenges faced by employees who need only short-term support

Find out how to set up a pop-up in your workplace.

Learn how our integrated 360 care model unifies mental health services, primary care, and insurance navigation.