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As a Centivo member, you and your enrolled adult dependents (18+) can get free primary care through Eden Health, your new virtual provider option from Centivo.

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With Eden, you have access to a dedicated Virtual Care Team that works together to offer primary care, mental health, and care coordination all through a single app. Eden Health primary care services are free of cost* (even if you have a deductible on your plan), and your Care Team is available by chat or live video visit 24/7.

Whether you're sick, need a prescription refilled, or want to schedule an annual wellness visit, Eden Health has got you covered.

*Mental health services may incur a fee depending on plan benefits.

No Paperwork

No Paperwork

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Quick Answers

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The Eden Health app is available to download for free.

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Need a Primary Care Doctor? Eden's Got You Covered.

Our virtual primary care services include:

You can reach out any time you have health concerns — we're here to answer questions, diagnose conditions, support mental health concerns, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Eden Health is your new virtual primary care provider option from Centivo. With Eden Health, you have access to a dedicated Care Team who works together to offer you primary care, mental health support, and answers to follow-up care questions all through an easy-to-use app. You can access care 24/7 by chatting in or by scheduling a live video visit with your Care Team.

You are eligible for Eden Health if you are enrolled in a Centivo health plan and Eden Health is part of the network for that plan.

As a Centivo member, you and your enrolled adult dependents (18+) have full access to the Eden Health Care Team at no cost (even if you have a deductible on your plan).

As a Centivo member, care services through Eden Health are free of cost. If you need care from an outside provider, Eden will work with you to refer you to labs and specialists that are in-network with your specific plan.

If you choose to work with Eden Health, we recommend making us your main point of contact for all your care needs. If you require in-person care, we’ll help you to find a local, in-network provider.

    All protected health information is encrypted while at rest using current industry standard encryption. As a healthcare practice, Eden Health is a covered entity under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).

    For specific questions regarding your benefits, eligibility, or claims, please reach out to Centivo using the number on the back of your Centivo member ID card.

    support@edenhealth.com for support on any technical issues.

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