Hybrid Healthcare for the Hybrid Workforce: A Must-Have Amenity For Class-A Landlords

Eden Health now offers asset owners both in-person and virtual healthcare amenities that serve all of your tenants.



We provide on-demand, concierge care services in the office and at home for employees and their families.

Define the New Normal with a higher standard

Now more than ever, commercial tenants are seeking office environments that are healthy and safe for their employees. We deliver care and confidence to your tenants with our suite of flexible healthcare services.

Trophy services that tenants will love

We offer 24/7 care via our mobile app, regular pop-up care onsite for vaccinations and checkups, and/or a full-time private, full-service medical office inside your building. Our virtual and pop-up amenity services can be delivered into your existing footprint in as little as 4 weeks.

Tenants want personalized, convenient access to medical facilities.


of large employers currently have or are building a medical office onsite or adjacent to one of their major locations


of additional large employers are considering adding a medical office


Turn unwanted space into a desirable commodity.

Takes up little room, serves a big community

Using as little as 200 to 1600 square feet, an Eden Health location can provide quarterly pop-up primary healthcare and virtual healthcare rooms, as well as full-service lab testing, mental healthcare, and physical therapy to your entire building population of up to 5000 employees.

Convert eccentric spaces into high-value amenities

We transform vacant, hard-to-lease spaces and underused amenities into a major differentiator for leasing brokers to show to tenants in-market.

Concierge healthcare anytime, anywhere

We take care of coordinating all the staff, technology, operations, and health expertise at minimal time and cost to you.

Without Eden Health, doctor visits mean wasted time.

The hours employees spend in traffic, on transit, and in waiting rooms definitely add up. Spending two hours away from work can result in a mere eight-minute doctor visit—which may not even be long enough to address all the patient’s needs.

45 min
Meeting with Doctor
2 min
Travel Time
5 min
Waiting at Facility

Eden gives time back to employees—and companies.

Eden clinicians and physicians serve fewer patients, allowing them to spend as much time as necessary with each patient. Onsite locations drastically reduce travel and waiting time, helping employees get back to work and stay healthy.

45 min
Waiting / Travel Time
7 min
Meeting with Doctor

Our Amenity Approach

Enhance the reputation of your Class-A assets with the amenity that’s top-of-mind for your tenants: health.

What Eden Health Offers

  • Virtual and in-person evaluation of physical and mental symptoms
  • Concierge coordination for improved access to specialists and continuity of care
  • Clinical guidance and support for asset owners; proactive tenant and member education

What Eden Health Delivers

  • Physical spaces, care programs, and clinicians that are customized  to the needs of your building
  • Sales and marketing support to drive tenant and employee engagement
  • Independent management of day-to-day medical staff operations and patient services
  • Administration of all licenses, privacy, and insurance (i.e. HIPAA)

Explore an amenity partnership with Eden Health

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