Better care for employees: the key to lowering your total health costs



saved for every active patient in insurance claims by self-insured customers per year

By lowering insurance claims, Eden Health’s integrated care can save your company money

Chances are, your company is self-insured: it’s a great way to save money on overall healthcare costs. And with Eden Health, your company can save even more. By providing better medical care for employees, Eden Health can help companies save money on insurance claims. As an NCQA-recognized medical provider, Eden Health’s unique, integrated 360 approach to primary and mental care means employees receive high-quality care at a lower overall cost to you.

of eligible employees have a clinical encounter with Eden annually
saved in insurance
claims per active member per year
reduction in specialist referrals
higher employee
engagement vs. onsite clinics
16 hrs
of productivity gained per employee each year
Patient satisfaction score
out of 5 stars

Easy Access to Quality Care Virtually and In-Person

Eden Health’s high-quality care starts with our easy-to-use mobile app. Our unique approach to medical and behavioral health makes it easy for employees to meet their healthcare needs at a single point of contact. It’s easy to sign up, easy to use, and easy to love. Patients only have to go to one portal to access care, to talk with a clinician virtually, or to schedule in-person visits.

Through the app, patients can easily schedule same-day appointments to see providers in our clinics or at pop-up clinics on their employer’s worksite. Eden Health has several clinic locations that combine primary care and behavioral health offices. We also do workplace pop-ups at which we provide onsite care and diagnosis within a client's offices and locations. To start, patients simply initiate a conversation in the app and the right clinician from their care team will respond with the answers they need. Eden can even assist employees with insurance claims and specialist referrals. When patients can get care, advice, and prescriptions easily, they can avoid costly expenditures later on.

COVID-19 makes integrated care essential

Due to our unique structure, Eden Health is able to adjust quickly to the ever-changing medical needs of the community. Currently, that means recommending workplace protocols, employee safety, symptom triage, and treatment in response to COVID-19.

Daily screening of employees before they leave home
PCR swab testing
and Onsite antibody tests
Virtual Triage and Treatment via our mobile app
Guidance from a dedicated Medical Director

Reduced costs, higher value

Because Eden Health provides the highest quality of care with an easy to use platform, our members love using Eden Health. Providing an integrated, medical care solution that employees love to use means employees are getting the care they need when they need it. This can help increase employee morale, boost productivity, and reduce absenteeism. And because employees love to use our service, more of our members take advantage of lower cost preventative services, which means there’s less need for more invasive measures down the line that result in larger medical bills and increased insurance premiums.

See how Eden Health’s integrated health services can help you improve costs lost to absenteeism and unlock other long-term savings for employees and your company.
$1.6 K
Potential productivity gains per employee from decreased absenteeism
$6 B
Yearly savings for employers that offer telemedicine solutions
Yearly cost savings due to integration of medical and behavioral care

Sources: OurHealth
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Measure Eden Health’s Return On Investment

Eden Health has had great success delivering strong value to our clients. Download our free worksheet to evaluate how Eden Health compares to your current and prospective medical providers.  Examine your ROI in terms of:    

    •  High-Cost Visits
    •  Direct Healthcare Costs
    •  Employee Health
    •  Program Enrollment
    •  Employee Satisfaction
    •  Productivity/Absenteeism
    •  Active Usage
    •  Retention

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