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Eden Health membership is provided by your employer and works with your existing insurance to supercharge your benefits.

Virtual primary care

Zero copays or out-of-pocket costs
Talk to a provider in 10 minutes or less
Book an in-person appointment in seconds
Easy prescriptions and refills via the app
“Your team has been amazing! Super quick responses, very diligent in their answers, and makes me feel like a VIP.”
– Eden Health member

Same day, in-person care

State-of-the-art medical offices
Avoid urgent care, specialist & ER visits
Convenient locations and onsite care
“I loved the fact that I could see a doctor while on break at work and not have to be out of the office for too long.”
– Eden Health member

Specialist guidance and referrals

Top specialists, covered by your insurance
Estimated costs before your visit
Second opinions on important health decisions
“Pure concierge experience. I was so impressed. You make the entire process wonderfully easy and it's made a world of difference.”
– Eden Health member

Personalized insurance navigation

Understand your coverage and benefits
Clarity on expected co-pays and deductibles
Immediate answers for questions on bills
Recover money from misfiled claims
“They made a daunting task incredibly simple for me and helped put insurance reimbursement money directly in my pocket. It's pretty amazing.”
– Eden Health member

Medical Services

Acute & Urgent Care

Cold & flu symptoms
Sprains, strains & joint pain
Nausea, vomiting & diarrhea
Rashes & skin problems

Preventive Care

Wellness exams
Sexual health screenings

Chronic Care

Blood pressure
Gastrointestinal disorders

Women's Health

Routine female health exams
Pap smears
Pregnancy tests
Birth control counseling
Sexual health counseling
Breastfeeding support
Postpartum care

Health Coaching

Fitness & exercise
Weight loss
Nutrition & meal planning
Stress management
Smoking cessation
Alcohol & drug use


Generic dispensing
Specialty med navigation
Travel medicine

Mental Health

Stress & anxiety

Specialist Referrals

In-network navigation
Coordination & care follow up
Inpatient & outpatient care

Physical Therapy

Injury & pain
Exercise plans

Our Locations

Eden Health NoMad

161 Madison Avenue, Suite 9NE
New York, NY 10016

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Eden Health Fidi

115 Broadway, Suite 1800
New York, NY 10006

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Eden Health Midtown

Coming soon

We bring healthcare to companies of all sizes with our unique approach to on-site care. See a doctor on your time with full-service onsite primary care. Get annual checkups, flu vaccinations, wellness coaching, and more in your office - all we need is a conference room.

We work with every major insurer

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