Protect your workforce with continuous screening processes

With onsite COVID-19 testing + 24/7 care


Premium, Evidence-Based COVID-19 Solutions for Keeping Workplaces Open

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In a time of changing policies in an ever-evolving situation, leading companies rely on Eden Health to provide the most up-to-date, situationally appropriate COVID-19 protocols. Eden Health offers solutions for COVID-19 screening, testing, and overall employee health. We only administer PCR and serology tests that are EUA-authorized by the FDA.

Daily screening of employees before they leave home
PCR swab testing
and Onsite antibody tests
Virtual Triage and Treatment via our mobile app
Guidance from a dedicated Medical Director

COVID-19 Screening and Testing customized for your situation

Each worksite and office is unique. Our dedicated Medical Directors--senior level MDs--work with your team to determine clinically appropriate approaches to testing, quarantine, and protocols, giving you and your employees confidence when returning to the workplace.

Proactive Clinical
Follow Ups

A Fully Integrated Care Team

Eden Health delivers fully integrated medical and mental health care as part of a COVID-19 solution. Care teams, led by a senior-level MD, proactively oversee employee care.  The Eden Health team can respond to patients within minutes over our text- and video-based app.

This care team will determine next steps and coordinate every aspect of your employee’s healthcare journey, from virtual and in-person visits, to benefits navigation, to medical specialists as needed. Employees work with the same care team throughout.

Onsite Screening + Primary Care Pop-ups
Bring full-service primary care to your office
Virtual Primary Care and Behavioral Health
Employees can message their Care Team 24/7
Insurance Navigation
We handle benefits and insurance questions
Medical Offices
Employees see the same Care Team in office
Dr. Morrison
Dr. Weinberg
Physician Assistant
Clincal Associate

Your Dashboard

Get the information you need to ensure a safe and healthy workforce with your tailored dashboard. In one convenient place, you’ll be able to view real-time results of active monitoring and screening of your team. To enhance employee privacy, dashboard data requires individual employee consent and only cleared/isolate and COVID test status will be included. No other health data will be shared.

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Eden Health gives you confidence in your workplace recovery efforts



out of 5 stars

April 6, 2020

"So happy I didn’t have to go to an actual office/hospital during all of this. You guys were amazing!"

April 7, 2020

"This is the worst virus I’ve ever experienced. I’m so happy to be telling you that! Thank you for all the support and for all that you do."

April 20, 2020

"Thanks for checking in. I feel fine and haven’t had any further development of symptoms... Thanks again for the video chat last week! You’re the best!"

April 9, 2020

"You are angels! I cannt thank you enough for the work that you are doing, for the peace you are bringing so many people. We are so lucky... No matter the out come, we will be resting easier."

April 11, 2020

"Yes! That makes a lot of sense! I really appreciate you explaining it to me and feel so much better! I hope you are safe during this crazy time and thank you so much for your help!"

April 7, 2020

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what peace this brings to us in such a scary time- trying to learn how to be parents in a pandemic has enough challenges as it is. Thank you again."